In every story, two worlds exist.

We start in the world of the familiar and the mundane. 

Static. Inert. Unmoving.

But in order to achieve something greater, we have to travel to another world. 

The world of the unknown. 

Dynamic. Flowing. Changing.

In some circles, storytelling is the process by which information buried deep in the subconscious is brought to the surface of our minds. 

Thus, the world of the familiar is the known world of conscious thought where our waking minds stagnate. 

The world of the living. 

The opposite, then, is that place that can only be seen with closed eyes. 

The unknown world of dreams, where the mysteries of our souls hide, waiting to be found . . .

The world of the dead.

We exist somewhere between these two realms.

Neither conscious nor unconscious. Neither living nor dead.


. . . . . .


Welcome to the Afterlife

Afterlife Games was founded to unlock the full potential of storytelling in video games. Instead of constantly interrupting gameplay through passive storytelling methods like exposition dumps and cutscenes, our games tell their stories through their level design, art direction, and mechanics.

In this realm, gameplay is the story.


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